Cute and Fit

I’ve been looking for some cute gym/fitness clothing and I am SO in love with the ones down here.. Hope you like them too and hope you get inspired and motivated to hit the gym! 🙂

Calia by Carrie Underwood

Victoria’s Secret 

Bodypop by Cassey Ho

xo, M.

PS: Photos via brands/websites mentioned.


Coachella Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh

Hello! I came up with some favorite looks I found from Coachella.. just in case you’re going and still don’t know what you’ll wear, but by now you should know, right? It’s happening like TOMORROW!

And if you’re not going (ME), you can still use this as inspiration for lots of cute outfits for spring and summer 🙂


xo, M.

All things Lilly

Happy wednesday!! How’s your week going so far?

Lilly Pulitzer x Target

In case you don’t know, the super cute-colorful-print brand -Lilly Pulitzer- teamed up with Target to bring us some cute and more affordable things. Here are some of my favorites looks from the collection (available April 19)… So if you want to get anything be sure to be on time because we all know that when a brand teams with Target things just fly off of the racks!

Which one is your favorite?

xo, M.

Little things

Happy Sunday!

Since I’m rearranging and decorating my room and my office I was looking for some inspiration and luckily (or obvious) found some (lots) projects from pinterest and I had all the materials to do a cute DIY.

You will need:

+Wood banners (or you can use a hard cardboard material)

+Paint of your color choice (I used black acrylic)

+Paint brush or paint sponge (ups! don’t know how it’s called)


+Plastic to cover the floor

+Chalk or paint to write in the banner


This is so SO easy, you just have to paint the wood, I did two coats, do one and let it dry completely, then do the other one. My banners had an string, I pulled them all up so there was a little space between the wood and the string so the paint didn’t touch it.

When it was all dry I wrote on it with a chalk and baaaam! It was the easiest little project and looks super cute!
The best thing was that I didn’t have to go to the grocery store cause I already have everything :).

****Since you are using chalk you can erase whatever you wrote BUT if you use water to clean the banner just let it dry COMPLETELY before writing again. I made this mistake and I had to use another banner and repaint the first one I was using since the paint came off when I was writing and it was a little wet.

My masterpiece:



Hope you like this DIY!

xo, M.

Spring Love!

Spring is here and the stores are full of beautiful things, but first check out the colors and some of the trends for this spring.

Remember to invest in basics and learn what you can buy that will be trendy just for a bit (cheap!).



White Lace

Petal Ruffle


Off the shoulders

Circle Handbags

What’s your favorite trend? I’m so SO in love with the off the shoulders! And the colors are just so beautiful, I’m thinking on have them all in my closet.. minus tangerine and custard they just don’t work on me!

xo, M.

Photos found via pinterest and pantone  via theperfectpalette

Craving Lately

For the past weeks I’ve been doing a little shopping list of some things I want to get and that are very versatile, great for doing a lot of mixes and outfits! Here they are!

Black ripped skinny jeans

A simple pair of heels


The Nikes Roshe Run 🙂

Vans Slip Ons

Black Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Pants or Leggings

Those are my choices.. So! What are you craving lately?

xo, M

All the pictures where found via Pinterest.