Little things

Happy Sunday!

Since I’m rearranging and decorating my room and my office I was looking for some inspiration and luckily (or obvious) found some (lots) projects from pinterest and I had all the materials to do a cute DIY.

You will need:

+Wood banners (or you can use a hard cardboard material)

+Paint of your color choice (I used black acrylic)

+Paint brush or paint sponge (ups! don’t know how it’s called)


+Plastic to cover the floor

+Chalk or paint to write in the banner


This is so SO easy, you just have to paint the wood, I did two coats, do one and let it dry completely, then do the other one. My banners had an string, I pulled them all up so there was a little space between the wood and the string so the paint didn’t touch it.

When it was all dry I wrote on it with a chalk and baaaam! It was the easiest little project and looks super cute!
The best thing was that I didn’t have to go to the grocery store cause I already have everything :).

****Since you are using chalk you can erase whatever you wrote BUT if you use water to clean the banner just let it dry COMPLETELY before writing again. I made this mistake and I had to use another banner and repaint the first one I was using since the paint came off when I was writing and it was a little wet.

My masterpiece:



Hope you like this DIY!

xo, M.


Frame it: Friday

These days have been the longest days ever, since wednesday I can’t move half of me practically. My neck can’t turn left and its just the worst, I can’s sleep and move and OMG i just want this to end.

But! Since it’s friday and the only thing I can do is being sit, I’m here sitting in front of the computer and finally updating OH CECILIA.

I made this DIY last tuesday and all I can say is.. It was so easy and it looks amazing!!

All you need:

+Frames, old or new, I bought mines at walmart, suuuper cheap!… Remember to remove the glass from the frame.
+Paint or Spray, the spray is cheap too and I promise I’ll find another DIY to use it.
+Something to cover the floor, I used grocery plastic bags, here you can use the ones that didn’t survive the ride and that have little holes.
+A ventilated space!!!
+Photos or whatever you want to frame, I framed my stencil from my first DIY, remember my OH CECILIA shirt?





How cute does the frame looks? It doesn’t even looks like a wood frame!

Shades of Pink



Having tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

Last week, I painted one of my bedroom walls, remember the one with the collage? That one!

After years of having the same photographs I decided that I wanted something different than just a plain wall, so I went thru pinterest and I found great ideas… one of them, the ombré!

All you need:

-Paint in 2 shades, I chose pink.

-Paint rollers, I used two and for the third shade of pink I had to wash one.

-Paint brush, a little one will be helpful, this one is for the edges.

-Flat head Screwdriver,to open the paint tin. It took me so long to figure out how to open it, so I google it…

-Paint tray.

I painted from dark to light, so…

1.Paint the edges that are close to the ceiling, then paint the ones close to the floor. All the edges!!!

2.Paint the up side with the darkest shade, leaving a middle space in the wall.

3.Paint the down side with the lightest shade, also leaving a middle space.

NOTE: The middle space is for the medium shade!, so it’s like your wall is divided in 3.

4.Paint the middle but leave a little super little space between each color, for this shade I mixed the two colors I bought and created the one that was close to the palette I had.

5.Paint the little space that’s left but here you have to be SUPER CAREFUL cause you’re going to mix the colors, I painted this part and before it was all dry I used the same brush and I kind of painted in the other colors edges.




I’m not so good explaining with words, but I hope this is helpful!

AND!!! New places you can find me!!!!….



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Collage your life!

Months ago, well, actually like 2 years ago I decided to made a collage and looking thru blogs I got inspired to do mine in my plain wall.

Actually this is so easy to made and so cheap, it’s all up to you!!! You can print as many photos or whatever you wanna put in the collage.

What you need:
+A wall or a surface, you can choose a wall or a frame
+Scissors (if you need to cut edges or to make shapes)
+Liquid cold silicone (I used this to paste AND I REGRET IT SOOO SOOO MUCH! unless you don’t mind silicone stains when you remove your photos then go for it, but now I can tell you.. USE A NORMAL GLUE!!!! like a glue stick)
+X-acto knive and ruler (Optional, it’s a little bit easier if you need to cut the photos but it’s tricky)

Before you paste the photos be sure to do an example of how you want them to look, I used my bed to place the photos.




Shaking my confidence

I wanted to share this cutie I made last night, hope you like it as much as I do.

All you need:
Acrylic paint (color of your choice)
T-shirt (Mine was a regular one, I cut it)
Makeup sponges (I bought the cheap ones)
Piece of paper with your design (this will be your stencil)
Piece of cardboard (goes inside the t-shirt)
Scissors or X-acto knife (if you use the x-acto a ruler will be useful)

DSCN4363 (720x800)

DSCN4364 (800x603)

DSCN4365 (800x684)

DSCN4366 (800x712)

DSCN4367 (800x796)

DSCN4368 (800x600)

PS: the thing is to have fun, take your time and if your design doesn’t ends perfect, it will be more special.

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