Little things

Happy Sunday!

Since I’m rearranging and decorating my room and my office I was looking for some inspiration and luckily (or obvious) found some (lots) projects from pinterest and I had all the materials to do a cute DIY.

You will need:

+Wood banners (or you can use a hard cardboard material)

+Paint of your color choice (I used black acrylic)

+Paint brush or paint sponge (ups! don’t know how it’s called)


+Plastic to cover the floor

+Chalk or paint to write in the banner


This is so SO easy, you just have to paint the wood, I did two coats, do one and let it dry completely, then do the other one. My banners had an string, I pulled them all up so there was a little space between the wood and the string so the paint didn’t touch it.

When it was all dry I wrote on it with a chalk and baaaam! It was the easiest little project and looks super cute!
The best thing was that I didn’t have to go to the grocery store cause I already have everything :).

****Since you are using chalk you can erase whatever you wrote BUT if you use water to clean the banner just let it dry COMPLETELY before writing again. I made this mistake and I had to use another banner and repaint the first one I was using since the paint came off when I was writing and it was a little wet.

My masterpiece:



Hope you like this DIY!

xo, M.


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