Frame it: Friday

These days have been the longest days ever, since wednesday I can’t move half of me practically. My neck can’t turn left and its just the worst, I can’s sleep and move and OMG i just want this to end.

But! Since it’s friday and the only thing I can do is being sit, I’m here sitting in front of the computer and finally updating OH CECILIA.

I made this DIY last tuesday and all I can say is.. It was so easy and it looks amazing!!

All you need:

+Frames, old or new, I bought mines at walmart, suuuper cheap!… Remember to remove the glass from the frame.
+Paint or Spray, the spray is cheap too and I promise I’ll find another DIY to use it.
+Something to cover the floor, I used grocery plastic bags, here you can use the ones that didn’t survive the ride and that have little holes.
+A ventilated space!!!
+Photos or whatever you want to frame, I framed my stencil from my first DIY, remember my OH CECILIA shirt?





How cute does the frame looks? It doesn’t even looks like a wood frame!


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