Collage your life!

Months ago, well, actually like 2 years ago I decided to made a collage and looking thru blogs I got inspired to do mine in my plain wall.

Actually this is so easy to made and so cheap, it’s all up to you!!! You can print as many photos or whatever you wanna put in the collage.

What you need:
+A wall or a surface, you can choose a wall or a frame
+Scissors (if you need to cut edges or to make shapes)
+Liquid cold silicone (I used this to paste AND I REGRET IT SOOO SOOO MUCH! unless you don’t mind silicone stains when you remove your photos then go for it, but now I can tell you.. USE A NORMAL GLUE!!!! like a glue stick)
+X-acto knive and ruler (Optional, it’s a little bit easier if you need to cut the photos but it’s tricky)

Before you paste the photos be sure to do an example of how you want them to look, I used my bed to place the photos.





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